ZCHPC, a leading educational, innovation and technology provider, recently participated in the highly anticipated EDTECH event held at Mutare Hillcrest College. The event brought together educators and tech enthusiasts within Zimbabwe and South Africa eager to explore innovative ways to enhance education using digital tools. Some of the participants were ADC, Africa University, Solution Centre,2 Simple from SA, Snapplify from SA, D6 from SA, Robokorda from SA, Clever touch from SA. Akello and Old Mutual to name but a few During the event, ZCHPC captivated the audience by demonstrating the transformative power of Virtual Reality (VR) in teaching and learning. Through immersive VR experiences, ZCHPC showcased how students can deepen their understanding of physics, biology, and chemistry lessons. By leveraging VR technology, students can now visualize and interact with complex scientific concepts in a whole new dimension. From exploring the microscopic world to dissecting virtual organisms and conducting safe and engaging experiments, VR opens up endless possibilities for enhancing the educational experience. The event attendees were enthralled by the potential of VR in education, and their enthusiasm only further fuelled ZCHPC’s passion for pushing the boundaries of learning. The positive response and contagious excitement underscored the importance of integrating technology into the classroom to create immersive and impactful educational experiences. ZCHPC extends its heartfelt gratitude to Mutare Hillcrest College for hosting this remarkable event and providing a platform for sharing ideas and experiences. As a company committed to innovation, ZCHPC remains dedicated to transforming learning through cutting-edge solutions.

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