The Zimbabwe Centre for High Performance Computing (ZCHPC) is established in terms of section 6(b) as read with section 69 of the Manpower Planning and Development act [Chapter 28:02]. The Statutory Instrument (SI) 168 of 2019 was gazetted which establishes and governs the ZCHPC operations.

ZCHPC One of the major hindrances to the research, development and innovation sphere in Zimbabwe was the availability of expensive and advanced high-tech research tools such as High Performance Computing (HPC). To date, Zimbabwe has broken this major barrier following the establishment and operationalization of its own High Performance Computing Centre called the Zimbabwe Centre for High Performance Computing (ZCHPC) located at the University of Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe High Performance Computing Project was conceived in October 2011 and HPC was identified as one of the key solution to assisting the nation, region and beyond in solving challenges associated with climate change, food security, unclean water, poverty, diseases, energy and human capital development. The implementation process took less than a year as it started on the 16 May 2014 and commissioned on the 6 February 2015. The success of the  Project was based on the  implementation model which  was used that incorporated  key stakeholders  from different private and public domains such  academic, research, industry  and Government.