As to date the Zimbabwe Center for High Performance Computing (ZCHPC) is in the pilot phase of implementation the national HPC Infrastructure. The ZCHPC Cluster is already being used in various domains of such as:

  1. Weather and Climate-The Metrological Services Department Zimbabwe (MSDZ) is using the HPC Cluster in global numerical weather prediction through advanced computer observation and analytical modelling techniques and tools. The comprehensive earth-system models developed by HPC Applications creates the basis for all the data assimilation and forecasting activities. The HPC Cluster is producing practical results as the MSDZ is currently running WRF, an application for weather forecasting. The processing power has enhanced the service delivery in terms of weather updates for the nation and region. During this pilot phase, the time for results to be produced has drastically been reduced by 96.6% as what used to take approximately 30 hours now takes far less than an hour. The power of supercomputing has also been realised in life sciences.
  2. DNA Forensic and Bioinformatics-The African Institute of Biomedical Science and Technology (AiBST) is utilizing the national HPC Cluster in the phylogenetic analysis of HIV variance isolated from Zimbabwean people. This analysis has significant importance in the development process of specialised medicines.
  3. Academic-The Centre is in the process of connecting all state universities for advanced research in various scientific and engineering areas in higher learning institutions. So far the Centre has connected the University of Zimbabwe which has intense use of the infrastructure.

The ZCHPC has a provision for individual users who lack resources to connect to the cluster remotely. These users can come directly to the Centre and fully utilise the Cluster via installed terminals.