Speech for The Minister of Higher & Tertiary Education, Science & Technology Development

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  • The Director of Ceremonies.
  • The Guest of Honour Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing; Hon. Dr. Ignatius M.C Chombo (MP).
  • Chief Secretary to the President and cabinet, Dr. Misherk J. M. Sibanda.
  • President of the Senate, Mrs. Edna Madzongwe and members of the Senate here present.
  • Colleague Ministers here present.
  • Deputy Minister; Hon. Dr. Godfrey Gandawa (MP)
  • The Permanent Secretary; Dr.Washington.T.Mbizvo
  • Permanent Secretaries here present.
  • His Excellency Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, His Excellency Ambassador Lin Lin.
  • Senior Vice President of Inspur, Mr. Huang Gang.
  • Service Chiefs here present.
  • Vice Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe, Professor Levi Nyangura and all Vice Chancellor here present.
  • Directors here present.
  • Heads of State Enterprises and Agencies under the Ministry.
  • Captains of Industry and Commerce here present.
  • Invited Guest and Stakeholders.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen
  • All other protocol observed


  • Introduction

I feel greatly honoured to be welcoming you to this auspicious occasion where we are gathered to witness the official launch of the 1st ever Zimbabwe’s High Performance Computing Centre.

Ladies and gentlemen, Zimbabwe is known the world over for its exceptional quality of education and skilled human capital. The establishment of the HPC is another achievement for Zimbabwe and should receive due recognition, as it will revolutionize and leap frog our national development agenda.

As a country and a people, we have high expectations and ambitions for the future in the area of computational science and engineering. The HPC offers us a platform to experience and sift through huge data sets and in the process, revealing hidden secrets.

  • Linking the HPC with ZIMASSET

My Ministry’s expectations from ZIMASSET is the development of competent human capital and promotion of science and technology. Through the establishment of the HPC Centre, my Ministry has promoted new and emerging technology that is fundamental for socio-economic transformation. The HPC is central to our ability to control the world around us and requires the migration of ideas and practical tools from basic science research into applied engineering.

  • illustrations of the uses of the HPC

Ladies and gentlemen the center was not established for my Ministry alone but is for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Benefits must accrue to all government Ministries for example;

  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-stakeholders will use the HPC for advanced agricultural research in livestock and food crop varieties development, disease control and monitoring.
  • The Ministry of Mines and the Mining Sector will benefit immensely for using the HPC for conducting sophisticated and complex simulations and seismic tomography analysis. This will also include 3D modelling, representing the fluid and rock properties of the subsurface and 4D modelling technologies. The HPC will also be used by the mining sector to run numerical simulations to creating virtual rock laboratory or providing a mechanism to discover and process geodetic information collected by GPS stations.
  • The Ministry of Environment and the Met Department will also use the HPC for advanced simulations and modelling of weather and climate predictions using high resolution weather and climate models on operational basis as well as to do research developmental work.
  • Defence and Security is key to the existence of any nation and Zimbabwe is not an exception. Our HPC can be used for data mining and linking complex relationships as well as decryption,


Once again congratulations to Zimbabwe, Dr. Sibanda and team that organized and negotiated for the project. Thank you to Inspur for the technology transfer and thank you technicians for the technical expertise.

My Ministry is looking forward to interacting with all the Ministries and stakeholders I have mentioned so that we fully utilize the HPC for the development of Zimbabwe.

With these few remarks I welcome you all to this historical launch!!

I thank you