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The Zimbabwe Centre for High Performance Computing (ZCHPC) was created through Statutory Instrument 168 of 2019, the Manpower Planning and Development (Zimbabwe Centre for High Performance Computing), Regulations, 2019. The Centre is led by a Director appointed in terms of section 8 of the Regulations and reports to the Committee of the ZCHPC established in terms of section 5 of the same Regulations.

The Centre is mandated to do the following: –
 provide supercomputing services for processing of complex data to individuals or organisations that require such services;
 support national research, development and innovation for national socio-economic development;
 establish facility for advanced scientific, business, engineering and computing systems, meant to solve complex computing problems, including provision of technical support for users of such systems;
 increase the number of researchers, educators and students with specialised skills through accessing the High-Performance Computing resources;
 promote greater collaboration with and within government, parastatals, agencies, departments, institutions, organisations, laboratories, industry, business and institutions of higher and tertiary education;
 create an incubation hub for high end computational research.

The key roles and responsibilities of the Director include the following: –
 Provide leadership for all aspects of the Centre’s operations with an emphasis on both short and long-term goals.
 Effective implementation of the ZCHPC Strategic Plan including formulation of the Centre’s short, medium-and long-term business strategic plans and objectives in the field of High-Performance Computing (HPC) to foster national development as directed by the ZCHPC Committee;
 To ensure the ZCHPC prioritizes development of new HPC products and innovations lawfully and ethically in response to identified market opportunities both locally, regionally and internationally;
 Overseeing the ZCHPC’s fiscal activity, and being accountable for the generation of planned revenue, budgeting, reporting, auditing, and implementing measures to cut costs and increase revenue for the ZCHPC to ensure sustainability;
 To assess the principal risks of ZCHPC and to ensure that these risks are being mitigated, monitored and managed;
 Providing leadership in the creation, development and nurturing of high value business linkages, ICT innovations, and partnerships with the private and public sector to increase the ZCHPC’s contribution to industrialization and modernization;
 Strengthening, and where necessary re-designing, research and business development structures, processes and systems to enhance the ZCHPC’s operational agility, capacity and capability;
 Developing and publishing standards and guidelines for the conduct of HPC research, development, production, use, application, movement and release of HPC products to safeguard the interests of the public and private sector and the general public;
 Overseeing the management of the organization’s day-to-day operations, research and innovation, business ventures and marketing;
 Communicating policies, treaties, HPC innovations and new research outputs to the ZCHPC committee, management team, employees and stakeholders to update them on current trends to ensure the organization produces the desired results consistent with the overall strategy and mission;
 Undertaking resource mobilisation activities to support research, innovation and business development for the Centre; and
 Negotiating agreements and contracts on behalf of the ZCHPC.
 Present regular reports on the status of the Centre’s operations to the Committee.

 Master’s Degree in Information Communication Technology or a closely related field; a PhD in a relevant field will be an added advantage
 Experience with high-end computing infrastructure.
 Experience in collaborative research, especially as it relates to HPC, imaging, omics and research computing.
 Prior experience with implementation of complex enterprise applications and technologies.
 Broad range of knowledge of applications.

 Effective leadership of highly skilled technical personnel in overseeing the development and implementation of applications.
 Ability to operate in a highly stressful environment, demonstrating good judgment and creative/original thinking to address the demands of the business.
 Skilled in vendor contract negotiation.
 Skilled in overseeing multiple projects with budget responsibilities.
 Significant organizational and management skills, specifically within a large organization.
 High-level understanding of data analysis needs in various fields of research
 Strong understanding of both research and technology to support advanced research computing
 Capacity to support and represent an organization to external constituents
 Must have excellent communication, analytical and organizational skills: both verbal and written.
 Ability to use tact and diplomacy to maintain effective working relationships.
 Ability to work independently, and as part of a team, while being collaborative in resolving problems.
 Must have a thorough understanding of industry standard principles of HPC Cluster management.
 Demonstrate Core Competencies as established for your position (Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Leaders, Leading Function)
 Experience managing technical and/or research teams.
 Expert knowledge in information technology.
 Knowledge of quality management and performance improvement techniques.

Should you wish to be considered for this position, please submit your application accompanied by the following documents to [email protected]: –
a. Resume/CV
b. Copies of professional and Academic Certificates
c. Contact Information for Three Professional References
d. Brief statement (one-page maximum) about how you would contribute toward our mission of providing high performance computing infrastructure and integrated services that promote research, development and innovation

Closing Date for applications is 29 May 2022.