TelONE Robotics training workshop

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As a continuation of the program to introduce Robotics to polytechnic colleges. The Zimbabwe Centre for Higher Performance Computing (ZCHPC) experts in robotics, went on a two-day robotics training workshop at the TelOne Learning Centre.
On the first day, the facilitators started off with a brief introduction of HPC. It gave the students an appreciation of what ZCHPC is all about as well as how it’s linked with robotics.

The importance of robotics was outlined clearly and the reasons to have robotics in developing countries were also outlined. The equipment and electronic components were placed on a working desk and students were guided on how to design a unique robot.
On the second day the students were assigned to do the design and assemble the robotics components with the help of distributed fascinators’ help on student formulated groups. Each group was focusing on a module of the whole robot and the modules were meant to be combined for form one complete and functional robot that can carry items from one point to the other. Facilitators helped students on challenges and questions pertaining the design of individual parts and the assembling of sub-modules to form one robot. For instance, facilitators helped to troubleshoot the problem with the controlling device.

Students were continuously reminded about teamwork and how it will contribute to their success as a group. During the workshop the students showed growing interest as they learnt more about Robotics and their abilities. Towards the end of the workshop the General Manager and other lecturers came and witnessed what their students were learning. The General Manager after hearing from the students just how much they learnt, was more than willing to sponsor the students with Robotics kits so that they can continue to improve their skills.

In conclusion, robotics training at TelOne went well and the students managed to produce a functional robot that could carry light items from point A to point B. Students and the General Manager were impressed with the knowledge shared with them and they felt that there is need for additional days where advanced robotics trainings should be done.